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Window cleaning services now are different from years ago. Before, window cleaners were associated with a guy knocking on your door holding a bucket, a dirty cloth and ladder, nicely asking if you wanted your windows cleaned, and he was happy to do it for a few pounds. The quality of the job was precisely what you paid for. Wipe frames, remove cobwebs, wipe windows - job done. Accidents probably occurred because the ladder wasn't the best, sometimes damaging property or injuring himself.
But that was the past.
PG HEIGHTS think seriously about the business. We invest lots of money in the best equipment to work effectively and safely. Good tools are beneficial for you and for us. We can work with reliable equipment to save our time and your money. Thinking about business is to work smart and safety first. That's why we use the best tools and have public liability insurance to cover us in case of an unexpected incident. We have also undertaken a health and safety course to make sure we are confident and we are ready to provide a sufficient service for you.
In our 16 months established, we have carried out lots of jobs, and we are proud that we didn't have any accidents or damage property. That's why we never rush, always take time to treat every customer with the same high-quality level of service. It's time to increase our low price a little bit, as we know the prices we charge at the moment are a bit low compared to the time, effort and service we provide you. There are lots of factors that contribute to our pricing, such as tax, petrol, maintaining and
updating our equipment and other things that all add up. A small increase in our prices will help us stay in business so we can continue to make your properties looking good all year round.




Increase 2021 

10 January 2021