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Frequently asked Questions 




Question: How much do we charge?

Answer: Everything depends on the size of the property and other factors. We charge £1 per window plus an additional £3 fee. For a conservatory, we will charge you £1 per side. French doors are counted as regular windows.

Example: a 3 bedroom house with 9 windows would be £12. The same house with a 3 sided conservatory (not including the roof) would cost £15.



Question: Can we clean the windows by traditional method?

Answer: No, as we are WFP system window cleaners. It is impossible to clean windows, frames and sills at the same quality in the price range with the traditional method. We want to deliver the best result and we believe that to achieve the same result with the traditional method compared to WTP system would take at least double the time, which is double the money and the result would still be a lower quality the WFP system cleaning.



Question: Why do we use the squeegee on ground floor windows?

Answer: It saves our water, our time, and your money.



Question: Why don’t you always use the squeegee?

Answer: We always choose the best method for a specific job.



Question: Why do we want to charge a few pounds more for the first clean?

Answer: We don’t always charge more, but if the windows and frames need a special solution to be used to get back to the normal look, we spend more time and more water, plus the cost of the solution.



Question: Can we give a conservatory roof a “quick clean”?

Answer:  We are not always able to do it on the same day we come to clean the windows. The minimum charge for a conservatory roof is £15. We use different equipment and cleaning solutions to clean them, which we usually do not carry with us when we don’t have a conservatory roof booked that day. The extra time would also make us late for our next customers.



Question: Why do we want to charge you £10 to clean just 3 windows.

Answer: Our minimum charge is £10, the job does not include just cleaning windows. We also need to set up full window cleaning equipment which takes a similar amount of time as cleaning 10 windows. We would be losing money if we charged just £3.



Gutters cleaning /clearing




Question: How much do you charge for gutter cleaning?

Answer: £1 per metre might be more dependent on access and amount cleaning solution we have to use.



Question: Why do you want to charge me £30 if there are only 15 meters of gutters?

Answer: 15 meters of gutters is also 15 meters of Fascia and 15 meters of Soffit, which altogether is 45 meters. We believe £30 is a fair price. Some houses only have gutters or gutters and Fascia. The price will depend on if you have Fascia and Soffit too. Windows will be cleaned too which is included in the price.



Question: How do we clear the gutters? What do we use to clear it?

Answer: First we will use a camera to check if there is dirt, leaves or moss inside. If not, we will not charge you for the inspection.

If they are full of moss etc., we will tell you the exact price before we start. We use a vacuum system specially created for gutter clearing.



Question: Can we clear and unblock gutters?

Answer: Yes, we charge £2 per metre as long as there is easy access and we do not need to use a ladder. If we need to use a ladder this will take additional time so we will need to charge a little more.

If your bill is less than £20 a minimum charge will be applied for the time we spend setting up and cleaning the vacuum